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🎟️MAKE soft-launch. We invite you on November 12th to join the panel discussion held between MAKE CEO Melisa Leñero, our Chief Scientist Paul Dolan, our behavioural scientist Dario Kpran and more to be confirmed. We will discuss the benefits and possibilities found in the intersection between art, science and design through technology, which gave birth to MAKE. 


🧠 We got invited to the event Digital innovation for adolescent mental health organised by Fondation Botnar and Foundation Vitol held at The Royal Institution of Great Britain. Brilliant researchers & social entrepreneurs discussed their initiatives to tackle mental illness in young adults. 

  • Professor Alain Stein from the University of Oxford

  • Dixon Chibanda from the University of Zimbabwe and Director of the African Mental Health Research Initiative

  • Pattie Gonsalves, Project Director, PRIDE Public Engagement, Sangath 

  • Kerstyn Comley, Co-CEO, MeeTwo 

We felt inspired by all of them and got very good learnings to be implemented at MAKE (below enlisted) 


🗺️Learnings from the Digital innovation for adolescent mental health event. 

  1. Sometimes people don’t have the language to express how they feel, equip them with those. 

  2. Crucial to push key messages through content, surprisingly there is not enough basic content yet created in different languages. 

  3. One of the objectives to talk to someone is to normalise your feeling. (you are not the only one)

  4. Peer support is key to encourage conversations around mental health

💥ART BRUT. This is the house of the outside creations, an inspiring movement for MAKE. The works of Art Brut are created by self-taught creators, marginalized in a position of rebellious spirit or impervious to collective norms and values "pure artistic operation, raw, reinvented in all its phases by its author, starting only from his own impulses". The artist Jean Dubuffet started this movement in 1935. Check-out their instagram profile 


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