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🎟️MAKE soft-launch. We invite you on November 12th to join the panel discussion held between MAKE CEO Melisa Leñero, our Chief Scientist Paul Dolan, our behavioural scientist Dario Kpran and more to be confirmed. We will discuss the benefits and possibilities found in the intersection between art, science and design through technology, which gave birth to MAKE. 

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🗣️Pitch at Playfair Capital. We got invited to pitch to different investors and some interesting leads arose from the meeting. Keep your fingers crossed for us. 

📹MAKE at TATE. Watch here the video that our CEO Melisa Lenero gave at the Tate Modern about Creative Wellbeing and the intersection of arts, science and design, which gave birth to MAKE. 


✏️Raising Capital with Joelson. As part of our Growth Programme at London & Partners, we attended a brilliant talk given by Philippa Sturt, managing partner at Joelson. She gave us some very useful tips when raising money, due diligence, term sheets and so on. 

📊Website update. After having some conversations with one of our advisors, ex-Amazon operations manager in Europe, we decided to open our pre-assessment so you can fill it out before committing to a subscription with MAKE. Have a look and fill-out yours :) it is FREE


(We curate some interesting articles related to MAKE:creative wellbeing) 

👏Really good article about the value of investing on social-driven companies. “Investors appear to be obsessed with memory foam mattresses, taxi-hailing apps, electric scooters and ready meals like these are the most important problems on the planet.” (4 min read) 

🧪New research suggests that both personality characteristics and values are related to people’s sense of well-being. However, personality characteristics seem to have a broad impact. Changes in personality can precede changes in well-being, but it appears that changes in well-being may actually have an impact on people’s values. (4 min read) 

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the image)