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🎟️MAKE invites YOU! Join us in our mission to MAKE creativity the new mindfulness. Join the panel discussion held between MAKE CEO Melisa Leñero, our Chief Scientist Paul Dolan, our behavioural scientist magician Dario Kpran and more. We will discuss the benefits and possibilities found in the intersection between art, science and design through technology, which gave birth to MAKE. 

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🌱We got accepted to (another) Acceleration Programme. Jointly delivered by Silicon Valley Bank and London GrowthHub, it is an initiative designed to provide early-stage technology companies with the best toolkit to support their growth. 

🔮MAKE is about revealing our user's own inner wisdom. Their creations help them to express, understand, learn and embrace unexpressed emotions. We are developing our digital platform that will enable our users to record their creations online so they can track their progress and growth through time. 


😊Another showcase. Last Thursday, we showcased at the Innovation Fair on the World Mental Health day organised by ZINC.VC (our incubator). We had plenty of fruitful chats with different people coming from different sectors. We want to share some of those below (no photos this time, since we mainly talk and listen to our potential users had to say about MAKE) 

🚬An adult male, working for a big law firm mentioned that he would use the MAKER boxes instead of smoking. He said that although knowing that smoking is not good for his health, he does it as a break from his hectic days. But he sees the value of using the MAKER boxes instead of smoking during those most needed breaks during the day. That will give him a “me-time” + a healthy habit. THANK YOU! 

🐖Various people recommend us running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for MAKE. We are weighing that option and perhaps soon you will receive a link to our campaign. #letsallpitchin 


(We curate some interesting articles related to MAKE: creative wellbeing) 

🎨...engagement in the arts is consistently seen to enhance wellbeing and quality of life in people of all ages. In short, the arts can help to address many of the challenges the health and social care system is facing and improve the humanity, value for money and overall effectiveness of this complex system. (read here full report

💰The arts and health economics- it just makes sense. Since it can be used as a non-medical approach to preventing mental health problems it could help save money in the health service and social care. “Making art can enable people to take greater responsibility of their own health and wellbeing by helping maintain levels of independency and curiosity and improve the quality of life by bringing greater joy” (4 min read) 

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)