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☄️TATE LATES & MAKE. Yesterday we got invited to talk about Creative Learning through Creative Wellbeing at the TATE Modern. The audience was mainly young adults and around 100 people. Our 3 key points: 

  • Creative Learning is this combination of disciplines. It is a collaboration and a holistic approach to learning more about us. It is a way in which we combine what we know to learn what we don't know. 

  • Museums, working alongside experts in different fields, can be the enablers of the Creative Learning experiences and design programmes that will help us understand ourselves through art. 

  • Solutions are coming from outsiders or from different disciplines not even imagined before, and technology is accelerating that process.

🎫Oct 10th, Mental Health Day. MAKE is part of the Zinc Connect: Mental Health Innovation Fair. The event will take place on October 10th - World Mental Health Day, from 13:00-14:30 at 3 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PA.



👍 New Design. Being an early-stage company means that we have to be creative with resources. Our boxes are one of our advertising campaigns so, we design this colourful box. Thoughts?

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🛎️New Audiences. Yesterday in our presentation at the TATE LATES, the audience show their interest in MAKE. They wanted to know more about us and to buy the product. They also got interested in the research, happening in October, conducted by the LSE to understand how MAKE influences a person's well-being compared to passive entertainment. (i.e scrolling through social media or watching videos) 

We will keep you posted about this experiment. 


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🧬Why try to be creative if our dispositions are encoded in our bodies? Luckily, that’s only part of the story—creativity is notoriously difficult to define, and research suggests it’s significantly more complex than a series of chemical compounds. (5 min read) 

Emotional Intelligence is the new “smart.” Examples of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, in Leadership & Education. (7 min read) 

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)