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🎟️You are invited! MAKE is having another pop-up on the 28th of September. This time at the event D!FFERENT happening in the Intercontinental O2 London. 

D!FFERENT is a summit that focuses on entrepreneurs and change leaders who want to make a bigger difference through their career or business. Get your tickets here.


😇 We need your help. MAKE has a lot of coming plans but we need financial support.  On our plans, to name a few, a scientific research to understand how the MAKE experience influences well-being compared to passive entertainment (e.g. scrolling through social media or watching youtube or a video), ongoing conversations with charities to run more pilots and building synergies with them but we need funding!

If you know any angel investors or just someone interested in the creative well-being topic interested in investing in us, please refer them to us.



📵Unwind with MAKE. One of our USP (unique selling proposition) is offering a me-time to unwind from the digital attention crisis we are currently living. Our activities are designed to spend less time on your phone/tech device and more time on body-based mindfulness. If you know someone who desperately needs this, give them a MAKER box.  

🖊️Sign up the petition. Young people deserve better mental health support and there are tons of charities and organisations pushing our Government to make this happen. Join MAKE and the other 33,600 individuals that already signed the petition, to request the authorities to put more efforts in preventing young people's mental breakdowns. It is motivating that there are a growing number of organisations working on the preventative space, just like MAKE. 


(We curate some interesting articles related to MAKE: creative wellbeing) 

🔮 According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020. (4 min read) 

🌀A study of 50,000 people found that regardless of skill level, taking part in activities like painting, pottery or music helps people manage their emotions, build confidence and explore solutions to problems. (4 min read)

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)