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👐Our first intern. MAKE welcomes Victor on board. He is helping us, based on the feedback we got from our first users, to develop further our product. He is also looking at more synergies between MAKE and young adults (and mature ones).

🔮We are looking for a couple of hours consultation with a creative ads guru and a product development expert. If you want to be just like Victor and help MAKE, please contact us.  #bemorelikeVictor

If you are neither but want to help out, don’t be shy, you’ll always welcome. 

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🏁Acceleration Programme starting soon. On Sep 23, we will start the programme funded by the Mayor of London and organised by London & Partners. We are going to focus on two main areas: 

1.- Commercial 

2.- Funding 

Wish us luck 🍀


🌈We are redefining (or starting?) the Creative Wellbeing Industry. 

Although fun, we are not about glitter slimes, squishies or crafty mandala drawings. We are proving that through creative art, the individual can achieve a state of complete physical and mental well-being. (These experiments will be running in collaboration with our academic partner the London School of Economics) More science less hocus-pocus. 

🤝MAKE BOX as an effective tool for open conversations. During our pilots, we found that our product helps facilitate and engage audiences in conferences or events. If you want to help out, please connect us with individuals from HR teams or event organisers. #bemorelikeVictor

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(We curate some interesting articles related to MAKE:creative wellbeing) 

🍃 “Close to Home” project, proposes a network of urban mental wellness clinics that are accessible for the whole community. (3 min read) 

🧰 Nicolette Bodewes designed a mental health toolkit, intended to help users express their thoughts during psychotherapy sessions. (5 min read) 

🗿 A pebble-shaped hand-held device eases anxiety through the use of light and sound. (4 min read) 

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)