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🎈Our first meet-up! MAKE team wants to invite you to a creative wellbeing evening in London. It will happen late September or beginning of October. Reserve a place by emailing hello@beamaker.co  (In our last newsletter we added a link for sign-ups but it didn’t work. SORRY!) 

🙋‍♀️Starting our Growth Programme! In late September, The Growth Accelerator Programme, funded by the Mayor of London, will be launched. We are keen to meet our fellow co-founders and mentors. Amongst them, the brilliant Sila Nur Isik, Co-founder & Director at Mind The Ad and Serban M. Suvagau, Head of Strategy at BUPA, their purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives.

🔬We will be running another pilot at LSE with 200 participants to test the effectiveness of our MAKER boxes. MAKE is about increasing your well-being, but exactly in which area? We will be testing: pleasure, purpose, state of self-esteem, state of hope, the flow state, and personality because we want to see whether personality determines how positively MAKE impacts people.


🙌Our first batch of MAKER boxes is gone! We have been meeting face to face with our first 15 customers to ask for feedback. We have learned that they loved the creative wellbeing approach, most of them enjoyed the process and felt better after going through the experience and the audio helped them navigate a daunting new creative experience. 

🧪Science+Art = MAKE. We are a social mission-driven company which is grounded entirely in science. We want to bridge the academic world with the business industry, turning the science findings into the value proposition of our business.



🖍️Engaging in a creative activity just once a day can lead to a more positive state of mind. (3 min read) 

☄️IDEO was founded on the belief that everyone is creative (so as MAKE) —and that creativity, like any other leadership skill, can be learned and practiced. Find here 10 exercises to build your creative confidence.  (6 min read) 

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)