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🎈Our first meet-up! We will be hosting our first community launch in London to talk about MAKE, meet our community and some (fun) facts about creative well-being!! It will happen at the end of September, but more information will follow after signing-up for the event. 

We wanted to extend the invitation to our newsletter community first, reserve a place before it is too late. 

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♻️Reducing our footprint. We are working on developing ecological and sustainable art materials. The boxes are already 100% made from recycled material but we, at MAKE, have a commitment with the planet.


👂MAKE is being known. Recently we attend an event and talk to someone working closely with the World Health Organisation and he mentioned this interesting company working on creativity and well-being and without anyone knowing he was referring to us!! (We were astonished and of course introduce ourselves!) 

⏱️Based on our user feedback, we can firmly say that the MAKE experience takes no more than 40min to be completed and, afterwards you will feel awesome!! (except one user that felt good afterwards but wasn’t quite sure what he was doing, high-five for keep going) 


💌 Roshane is going to tell you about how creativity helped him to express his emotions.

☺️ Engaging in a creative activity just once a day can lead to a more positive state of mind. 

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)