👋 #19

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📦 More & more boxes have been sold. So enthusiastic about this, but also incredibly grateful to our community that has allowed us to interview them, fill-out feedback forms and basically chase them to hear their thoughts. This is helping us to refine the product and the experience every day! 

🤐A big corporate got interested in the MAKE experience, the movement but even more in our vision. They are located in the US, UK, Latin America, Asia...well, almost everywhere and this partnership could mean a huge step forwards to MAKE. We can’t reveal the details yet… will keep you posted. But do send your best wishes and good vibes to us. 


➕ Based on our customer’s feedback form, we found that, learning or refining an art technique is quite appealing for their next MAKER box. It seems that our product can motivate people to explore different art materials and techniques. 

At the end, our manifesto clearly states that “We believe everyone is an artist” and we should embrace that and explore showing different techniques as well. Augmented reality can help us with this… 🤔


😯 Research has found that reflecting on our responses to objects can tell us something about ourselves (that we probably didn’t know).  (4 min read)

🦝 Because some of us are facing our first hires, we thought important to share this article with all of you. The #1 is really important.   (4 min read)

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)