👋 #17

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🤩We sold 2 more boxes this week. YAY! You can buy your one-off MAKER box here, don’t feel left out. 


👍MAKE got accepted to the London & Partners Business Growth Programme starting October 2019. They will help us to accelerate our sales, raise funds and develop our people strategies. We are so excited about this amazing programme organised and sponsored by the Mayor of London. #thumbsupSadiqKhan 


👂Hearing out our customers (and learning from them).  We are putting all of our efforts to better communicate our product because we are an EXPERIENCE not just a box with art materials guided through an audio. We create an experience for you to increase your emotional intelligence and increase your wellbeing. 

🤹‍♀️MAKE is looking for an OPS mastermind. If you know someone that would love to be part of our team, we are hiring a person to help us run the daily operations at MAKE. Please spread the word and if interested, drop us a line at hello@beamaker.co 


⚫There is a blind spot in many recent health policy documents: the role that engagement in the arts can play in improving health and wellbeing is consistently overlooked. (15 min read) 

🤔Curation subscriptions (where MAKE sits) seek to surprise and delight by providing new items or highly personalized experiences. [...] with 55 percent of total subscriptions, are by far the most popular, suggesting a strong desire for personalized services. (10 min read) 

👁️🍬Encouraging positive imagery (know more about the photo)