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Our first 5 customers received their MAKER box. We got very useful feedback to be considered for our next iteration. THANK YOU! 

Some of the feedback we got: 

  1. “I really enjoyed the box, thanks !!!!” 

  2. “the colour blocks and blank postcards had come loose inside the box while in transit, creating several pieces of spontaneous abstract art” 

  3. “I feel relaxed!!!!”

  4. “...perhaps future boxes could be designed to (fit in a letterbox)” 


Last week we were invited to talk about MAKE at two different events:

1.- @ Imperial College London- Our CEO Melisa Leñero, got invited by TrepCamp, a training global programme for aspiring high-impact entrepreneurs, to give a talk at her alma mater Imperial College London about her journey as an entrepreneur. (MAKE is the 4th company that she co-founds). 

It was a great opportunity to showcase our MAKER boxes to young adults from all over the world and they LOVED IT! 

We got very good feedback and more followers on our MAKE movement.(YES!) 

Be like them and follow us @beamaker.co 😊 

2.- @Beautystack - We were invited to Women in Tech Showcase at Beautystack offices (which are gorgeous) to talk about “What are you proud of?” 

We met super talented women working on Tech like the legend, founder and CEO of Beautstack, Sharmadean Reid and co-founder of Furnishful Efua Akumanyi among other incredible people. 

We shared that at MAKE we are most proud of our product and how it has evolved, and luckily they loved it too ☺️



Based on the amount of feedback we are amassing, we have so many insights that we are including in our next batch of boxes. 

Some things to be considered: 

1.- Letterhead MAKER boxes vs the current MAKER box

2.- Cues to a better guidance through the audio experience (i.e. when it starts and when it finishes)

3.- Better material holders, to avoid “spontaneous abstract art” or add this feature as part of the experience? 🤔

So many new considerations that we are already taking in consideration for the next design of the boxes and to make a better and smoother experience. 


🤞First article about MAKE: Feeling Uneasy? Try out MAKE: Making Creativity The New Mindfulness  (5 min read) and please share it, clap it, like it, and most of all read it!

🧿Emotional Intelligence Is Key to Outstanding Leadership: A lack of emotional intelligence among the senior team can be devastating to the rest of the workforce. (7 min read) 

As part of our movement, we encourage positive imagery; therefore, will be posting beautiful images for your eye candy. (know more about the photo)