👋 #14

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🦍WE ARE THE NEW MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT. We want to add creativity to the mindfulness movement and legitimise creativity as part of our daily routine to develop our emotional intelligence and wellbeing. 

This is our manifesto. 

We feel that we don’t belong to “the Art World”, but we believe anyone can be an artist. In fact, we encourage everyone to be an artist. Art is a powerful weapon which helps us understand ourselves better. Creativity and the act of creation provides an individual experience that can have positive effects on our physical and mental health. Social media, memes or gifs make us passive consumers, takers not makers. Be a MAKER by engaging with our interactive creative doses of activities for boosting your wellbeing and improving your emotional resilience. 


Since the launch of our online sale of the pre-beta MAKER box, we have our first few customers through! THANK YOU! Here is a photo of our first batch ready to be sent out. Next week we will share photos of the content of the boxes and some reviews of our (hopefully super happy) users. 


Product development: 

Last week was all about product development-customer relationship + shipping. 

1.- All the MAKER boxes come with 1 tool + material to be used with the audio guide. 

(We are still learning how many times our users will use it during a period of one month) 

2.- Currently, it takes us 3.5 hours to build one box. (we need to improve this) 

3.- Curiosity is one of the drivers to buy the MAKER box so, we need to find the sweet spot between fueling curiosity and delivering a long-term wholesome experience. 

4.- Adding shipping cost at the end is off-putting so, better to show the price with VAT and shipping included. 

✨Bonus nugget ✨Depending the post office, the price. New Oxford Street office is cheaper than Hammersmith office. 


🧨 The health secretary called the arts an "indispensable tool" for doctors to help patient recovery. (4 min read)

📣The Future of Human Work Is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy (7 min read)

As part of our movement, we encourage positive imagery; therefore, will be posting beautiful images for your eye candy. (know more about the photo)