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"Hello, World!" Last Tuesday we had our demo day at Senate House. We displayed the MAKER boxes and some of its possible content combinations to our visitors. (they loved the boxes) Thank you to everyone that visited us, either to give us feedback, to get involved or send us good wishes for the journey ahead. Thank you! 

Here some photos of that delightful night. 

(left to right) Sasha Serafimovski our CFO/Dr. Paul Dolan our Chief Scientist/ Melisa Lenero our CEO / Gameli Ladzekpo our CPO.

Blissful Melisa celebrating MAKE.

📦The MAKER box

The content at profiling of our MAKER boxes are based on the Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC), a model of creative functioning. Each MAKER box is designed for a different category: 
• Sensory/ Kinaesthetic
• Perceptive / Affective 
• Cognitive / Symbolic

If you want to read more in depth about its content, head to

our website 👉 beamaker.co

🎯The MAKE Process is quick and easy:

1. Order a MAKER Box
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2. Build Your Profile
We'll ask you a few questions to understand which activities work best for you

3. Get Your Personal Experience
An audio guide and art materials to grow your emotional intelligence

👥The (best) team (ever)

Melisa Lenero - co-founder + CEO

Gameli Ladzekpo - co-founder +  CPO 

Dr. Paul Dolan -  co-founder + Chief Scientist 

Sasha Serafimovski - CFO 

Rhiannon Glasser  - Fine Artist / Art Therapist 

Dario Kpran -  Behavioural Scientist + Renaissance man


👾Machine Learning Academy - Melisa Lenero, our CEO, got accepted to the Machine Learning Academy organised by Digital Catapult. We are still learning about Business strategy in a world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how to actually deploy AI and ML (Machine Learning) in our organisation and build a competitive advantage with it. At MAKE we will build a system that eventually will use ML to assign the MAKER boxes to our millions of users.

What we learned from Zinc? - Our 9 month incubation programme at ZINC VC is over but we can’t be more grateful and happy to have met A-M-A-Z-I-N-G uber intelligent peers, coaches, tutors, etc; during the programme. Now, MAKE is flying away from the nest and becoming a portfolio company from Zinc.

1.- How to combine science + arts + design to form a very well-informed company.

2.- The globalised and automated UK context seen through different perspectives.

3.- The richness in Zinc’s content that informed the MAKE process.


💃 Research has found a positive link between high emotional intelligence and decreased depression and anxiety and increased social connectedness. (12 min read)

🎈 The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence is harnessing the benefits of Emotional Intelligence in RULER: an approach for infusing emotions into the DNA of a school. (15 min read)

As part of our movement, we encourage positive imagery; therefore, will be posting beautiful images for your eye candy. (know more about the photo)