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🎫YOU ARE INVITED! To our showcase on Tue, June 25, 2019 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.

This is an event to celebrate all the businesses created on the Zinc Mission 2 programme, which kicked off on October 1st 2018. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the founders of the 16 companies, including MAKE and, on top of that, hear our audio guide + play with a MAKER BOX.  Where? Senate House Library, WC1E 7HU London Register HERE

🥇Pre-order the MAKER BOX here. Plus, be part of the first ones to interact with our AI art therapist at the Tate Britain for free!

⭐ We want to introduce you to another brilliant MAKE team member!

Gameli Ladzekpo our brilliant product developer, coder, and art enthusiast (and artist). He graduated from LSE & UCL MEng, Engineering with Business Finance.


🔗New connections! Last week we had meetings with investors in Mexico City and with the International Business Manager at Trepcamp, who specialises in connecting entrepreneurs with its global network in US, Europe and Latin America. We are expanding our networks and presenting our MAKER boxes to investors and advocates!

🏁MAKE graduates from ZINC VC. After 9 months of hard work, minute-to-minute learnings, emotional and mind resilience, amazing memories and new friends & family, we graduated from the programme Mission2. We want to thank everyone who helped us during this journey and that encourage us to make MAKE happen.

Thank you Paul & Ella for your advice and guidance ❤️

Shout out to Rachel, Julia and Ellie to be amazing human beings and your support 🧡

MAKE now is part of this incredible partnership with ZINC and we can call ourselves a graduate company.


⬜◻️◽Why we can’t stop talking about the importance of emotional granularity “Individuals who experience their emotions with more granularity are less likely to resort to maladaptive self-regulatory strategies such as binge drinking, aggression, and self-injurious behavior; show less neural reactivity to rejection; and experience less severe anxiety and depressive disorders. These findings shed light on how negative emotions and stressful experiences can be transformed by people’s emotion-differentiation skill.” (15 min read)

🔵 “When treated systematically with art therapy ...patients may experience positive psychological occurrences on emotional, physical, and rational levels all at once.” (15 min read)

As part of our movement, we encourage positive imagery; therefore, will be posting beautiful images for your eye candy. (know more about the photo)